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êêêêWorth a watch before the Fringe’s final countdown. Three Weeks
êêê Speed is a confident and engaging host... an entertaining hour's worth of fun suitable for all the family. Broadway Baby


Here's a trailer for Apocalyspe Later, the book of the show, courtesy of Hass and the team at Inside Sleeve:

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"Hi, I'm Death. I'm here to help."

  • Is the end of the world nigh?
  • Will it affect house prices?1
  • What does the end of the world mean for me?
  • Will my consumer rights be affected?
  • Are pets allowed in heaven?
  • What age will I be in the afterlife?
  • Armageddon or Apocalypse – do I get a choice?
  • Can I expect to see the end of the world in my lifetime?2
  • Can I buy insurance for it?3
  • Which religion offers the best and most convenient end-of-world deal?
  • Now I'm really confused – exactly what happens at the end of the world?

All these questions – and more – are answered by nice Mr Death.4

The End of the World Show was at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2011 and August 2012. Every audience member received a round show badge. Six or seven highly-coveted 'I cheated Death at the End of the World Show' badges were won at each performance.

The show was rated PG, and people as young as six enjoyed it. It was awarded one four-star and one three-star review. The material pertains to, among other things, religious beliefs about the End Times, and death. Content is only as gory as various ancient religious texts; i.e. a bit gruesome in places. But only adults find that aspect challenging, because kids tend to like that kind of stuff. They grow up so fast these days, and you really have no idea at all what they see on the Internet. Believe me, this pales in comparison. And it's a life-affirming exposition, which will make them – and you – think.

1Question applies to Daily Mail readers only. 2If you did, it would be the last thing you'd experience – so don't bother taking pictures. 3Probably, but what would be the point? 4Appearing in temporal form as writer and performer  Mark Speed. Directed by Chris Head.

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End of the World Show